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During this Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] training program, you will dive into Designing an ETL Solution Architecture Using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services and Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. In addition, we will extensively cover how to Design an Analysis Solution Architecture Using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Implement and Maintain Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. You will expand your knowledge on MDX Queries and learn how to create complex reports employing expressions, global collections, and conditional formatting using SQL Server Reporting Services.



Course Content

SQL Server Analysis Services

Introduction to Dataware Housing

  • Core Concept – BI is the cube
  • Example cube as seen using Excel Pivot Table
  • Demonstrating of SSRS with cube as a Data Source


No prior experience is presumed.

Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This class is 70% hands-on, 30% lecture.

Software Needed on Each Student PC

  • Windows Server 2003 or 2012, Windows XP Professional, with at least 1GB RAM
  • SQL Server 2012/2005 and Business Intelligence Components

Introduction to Dataware Housing

  • Core Concept – BI is the cube
  • Example cube as seen using Excel Pivot Table
  • Demonstrating of SSRS with cube as a Data Source

OLAP Modeling

  • Modeling source schemas – Star and Snowflake Schema
  • Understanding dimensional modeling—Dimensions (Type 1, 2, or 3) or rapidly changing
  • Understanding fact (measures) and cube modeling

Using SSAS in Data Tools

  • Understanding the development environment
  • Creating Data Sources and Data Source Views
  • Creating cubes – using the UDM and the cube Build Wizard
  • Refining Measures and Dimensions

Intermediate SSAS

  • KPIs
  • Perspectives
  • Translations – cube metadata and Currency Localizations
  • Actions – regular, drill-through and reporting

Advanced SSAS

  • Using Multiple Fact Tables
  • Modeling intermediate fact tables
  • Modeling M:M dimensions, Fact (degenerate) dimensions, Role-playing dimensions, writeback dimensions
  • Modeling changing dimensions –Dimension Intelligence w/ Wizard
  • Using the Add Business Intelligence Wizards – write-back, semi-additive measures, time intelligence, account intelligence

Cube Storage and Aggregation

  • Storage topics – Basic aggregations
  • Advanced Storage Design – MOLAP,ROLAP,HOLAP
  • Partitions – relational and Analysis Services Partitions
  • Customizing Aggregation Design - Processing Design
  • Rapidly changing dimensions / ROLAP dimensions
  • Welcome to the Real Time – Proactive Caching
  • Cube Processing options
  • Audits and UBO

Beginning MDX(All Basics)

  • Basic syntax
  • Using the MDX query editor in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Most-used Functions & Common tasks
  • New MDX functions

Intermediate MDX

  • Adding Calculating members
  • Adding Scripts
  • Adding named sets

SSAS Administration

  • Best practices – health monitoring
  • XMLA scripting (SQL Server Management Studio)
  • Other Documentation methods
  • Security – roles and permissions

* For all the above topics there will be a Demo and Lab session. Case studies will be provided based on the scenario.

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